Learning journey to Sylvia’s basket, Maai-Mahiu

Kahua-ini Innovation case learning journey to Sylvia's baskets

Kahua-ini self-help group is a newly recruited group in the Nakuru living lab. The group consist of 27 organic vegetable producers and are located in Ndundori, Nakuru county.

For inspiration and exposure, the group visited Sylvia’s basket to learn more on organic vegetable production, certification as organic producers and marketing of organic produce. The farm offered many lessons on regenerative practices like biological, cultural and physical pest control techniques, composting, water harvesting technique, crop diversification, pasture establishment on bare soils among others.

The farmers were excited by some of the elements of agro-ecology such as diversification, efficiency in resource use and recycling of waste through vermi-composting. The variety of trees in the farm provide food and fodder, nectar, act as a wind breaker and have generally changed the micro-climate of the farm.

Part of Sylvia’s basket farm
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